General Dentistry 07/08/2017

Top tips to beat dental anxiety

Here at Benfleet Dental Centre we understand that for many people coming to the dentist can be a scary and stressful experience. This is why we will always endeavour to ensure that we take our time and listen to any concerns you may have prior to treatment.

Here at Benfleet Dental Centre we have worked with hundreds of people over the years, so have a good understanding of what can help to make visiting the dental practice a more pleasant experience.

Breathing and Relaxation - When we are faced with a challenge or something we are afraid of our body produces chemicals which can make us more anxious. By consciously focusing on relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualisation you can teach your body to relax as it is not possible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time.

Hypnosis – Hypnosis can provide a way of relaxing where you concentrate in suggestions of relaxation given by the hypnotist. You will remain awake and totally in control but will feel as though you are daydreaming.

Sedatives – your dentist or doctor may be able to provide you with a sedative you can take prior to attending for your dental appointment. This will help to relieve some of your anxiety and make the visit more tolerable.

Dental Sedation - Dental sedation is administered via an injection in your hand. You will become drowsy and will be unaware of what is going on around you, but you will still be able to follow commands and co-operate with the dentist. It takes some time for the sedative effect to wear off and you will need to take things easy for 24 hours following treatment.

If you are at all anxious or worried about undergoing treatment do not hesitate to discuss the options with your dentist.

If you would like to find out more about dental sedation, call Benfleet Dental Centre on 01702 557766 and one of the team will be happy to assist you.

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