Mini Smile Makeover in Benfleet

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What is a Mini Smile Makeover?

A Mini Smile Makeover combines multiple treatments that will transform your smile. It is minimally invasive and a low cost alternative to many cosmetic dentistry procedures. You could straighten, whiten and refine your smile in as little as one visit.

Fast results
Minimally invasive
Increase confidence
Low cost treatment

The ABCs of the Mini Smile Makeover

The Mini Smile Makeover offers three cost-effective treatments that get results fast. Not all treatments may be needed, but these are the foundation of the Mini Smile Makeover model.

Align with Invisalign

Bleach with Enlighten

Composite Bonding with Renamel

Achieve incredible results fast

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, but assumed that cosmetic dentistry is out of your budget, the Mini Smile Makeover is for you. You could achieve incredible results that leave you glowing with confidence.

If you fear that your smile is holding you back in life, you're not alone. Many of us feel self-conscious about our pearly whites, particularly if they aren't pearly or white. The Mini Smile Makeover offers you the chance to drastically change your smile from the first visit.

Competitive treatments pricing

We're helping to make expert dental care accessible to all with payment plans and finance.

TreatmentPrices from
Composite bondingFrom £150 (per tooth)
Mini smile makeover (6 upper front teeth)From £600

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Who is a candidate for a Mini Smile Makeover?

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth, so we recommend focussing on your oral health before undergoing any cosmetic procedures. You should be free from oral health problems such as gum disease or tooth decay before you get started with treatment.

How long does a Mini Smile Makeover take?

This will depend on your treatment choices, but many can be achieved in a single visit. If you choose orthodontics, treatment time will be much longer.

What procedures are included?

Your Mini Smile Makeover is unique to you, so we'll help you to create a treatment plan that works for your needs. We'll work with your goals and budget to create a Mini Smile Makeover plan that will offer the best possible results. This could include air abrasion, teeth whitening, composite bonding and orthodontics.

Does composite bonding look natural?

Absolutely! We carefully match the colour of the resin to your surrounding teeth to create incredibly natural-looking restorations.

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