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What is denture stabilisation?

Denture stabilisation is a procedure that uses small dental implants to create an anchor for your denture. Your denture can be fixed or removable, offering complete flexibility to take control of your oral health. The force of your bite is distributed across the implants and your jaw, ensuring no foods are off-limits.

No more messy denture glue
Eat your favourite foods again
Removable or fixed dentures
No more discomfort or instability

Your journey to secure dentures

Your dentist will place four small titanium screws in your jaw bone. These will fuse with the bone to provide a strong anchor. Attachments are added to the top of your implants which will then hold your denture in place.

You can choose a fixed denture which can only be removed by your dentist, or a removable denture that you can "pop" out at home. You will have the freedom to take control of your oral health again.

Smile with confidence again

Ill-fitting dentures can be distracting and might leave you unable to enjoy life to the fullest. If you're always worrying about your dentures slipping, sliding or causing discomfort, denture stabilisation can help.

Four implants are used to create a solid anchor for your denture. With the denture fixed in place, you can eat your favourite foods again, safe in the knowledge that the denture will not rock or slip.

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TreatmentPrices from
Upper denture stabilisationFrom £8000
Lower denture stabilisationFrom £8000
Upper & lower denture stabilisationFrom £16000

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How many implants do you need for dentures?

For a full-arch restoration, you typically need four implants to support your denture. For a partial denture, you might only need one or two implants to support a bridge.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

The procedure will take place over multiple visits. First, the implant is placed in your jaw bone and allowed to heal. Once the implant is sufficiently fused with the jaw bone, an abutment is placed. The abutment is visible above the gum surface. Next, the restoration is fixed to the abutment. If you require a bone graft to increase bone density, this will increase the treatment time. The entire process may take from 3-6 months to complete.

How long do implant supported dentures last?

Your denture should last longer than a removable denture as there is a lower risk of damage or loss. Your denture may last 10-15 years before it needs to be repaired or replaced. With good oral health and the right care, your implants can last a lifetime.

Who isn't a candidate for dental implants?

If you have poor oral health, this can increase the risk of implant failure. Smoking, radiotherapy in the jaw area, uncontrolled diabetes and periodontal disease will all make you an unsuitable candidate for dental implants. Book a consultation to learn if you could be a good candidate for implants.

Can you sleep with implant supported dentures in?

Yes, you can wear your dentures while you sleep. As you won't be removing them at night to clean them, it's important to maintain good oral hygiene. You should care for your denture like your natural teeth.

Should I get cheap implants abroad?

We recognise that price may be a factor when choosing your dental implant provider. While overseas dental implant offers might be tempting, there are often hidden costs and risks when choosing overseas treatment. With a local dental implant dentist, you can be confident you will be empowered during every step of the treatment. We also offer competitive payment plans to help you spread the cost of treatment.

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