Smile Makeover 06/02/2017

5 Top tips for a kissable smile

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and whether you are long term coupled or just starting something new, Benfleet Dental Centre have some top tips to ensure a beautiful, kissable smile.

1. Maintain your oral hygiene

This may seem obvious but the best way to ensure the health of your smile is to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. You should also use interdental cleaning aids to clean between teeth, removing any food that may become trapped. It is this food which if left will start to decay and is the leading cause of bad breath.

2. Avoid Stains

Certain foods, drinks and lifestyle habits can be notoriously bad for staining teeth. Anything that has the potential to stain a top or a tablecloth has the potential to stain your teeth. Smoking can also cause yellowing of the teeth, the only way to avoid this is by giving up the cigarettes!

3. Book an appointment for Airflow Stain Removal with the hygienist

Your smile is one of the first things that other people notice about you. Be sure to impress your date with your bright and radiant smile! Treat yourself to an appointment for Airflow Stain Removal with our hygienist, removing plaque and calculus for a truly kissable smile.

4. Consider cosmetic dentistry

You may not have time to get anything extensive completed before Valentine’s day, but you could get it booked in ready for the summer so you have something to be excited about, even if you can’t smile about it just yet! Alternatively, there may still be time to get teeth whitening. With professional in chair teeth whitening you can see fantastic results in as little as an hour.

5. Don’t forget the rest of your smile

The perfect smile doesn’t just come from great teeth. It is important to ensure that you exfoliate and moisturise your lips as well. Concerned about lines and wrinkles ageing your smile. Dermal fillers can help to fill out and plump up lines on the face such as those between the nose and the corner of the mouth.

Want to get your smile kiss ready? Call Benfleet Dental Centre on 01702 557766 and book a consultation today.

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