Smile Makeover 11/01/2023

What is Smile Makeover Treatment?

A Smile Makeover is an increasingly popular treatment option for individuals looking for a dramatic transformation. It is suitable for most people with minor cosmetic imperfections and can provide a big confidence boost, particularly before a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday.

Advances in dental technology make it easier than ever before to achieve your dream smile using cosmetic dentistry. These techniques are less invasive than alternative methods, which means your oral health is also prioritised.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, so we’ll start by ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy before moving forward with any treatment. And if you’re looking for another excellent reason to transform your smile, it’s worth noting that individuals who invest in their smile are also more likely to take good care of their teeth in future.

If you’re thinking about a Smile Makeover for any reason, read on to learn how this incredible treatment could help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What is a Smile Makeover?

What is a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is a term for a range of treatments that will allow you to change the physical appearance of your teeth. This can be achieved through a number of different methods. We offer orthodontics, composite bonding and teeth whitening to help you to achieve a perfect smile.

The first step in this process is to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist or dentist. The dentist will take x-rays and then create a treatment plan that suits your goals, aspirations and your budget.

Common treatments included in a Smile Makeover include teeth whitening, composite bonding and orthodontics. These treatments can be used to address things like the colour of your teeth, alignment issues, and small chips or cracks.

At the end of your treatment plan, you’ll be ready to smile with confidence again. Every treatment plan is different, so while some treatments can be completed in just a few visits, others will take months to achieve the desired results.

Every step of the way, the Benfleet Dental Centre team will ensure you feel informed and empowered to make the right choices for your oral health.

What’s included with a Smile Makeover

What’s included with a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is not a single treatment or a fixed treatment plan. Instead, it is a choice of multiple treatments that will help you to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. This flexible approach to treatment ensures that you individuals can address their primary concerns without paying for treatments they don’t need.

Taking a flexible approach to your Smile Makeover will also enable you to stay within your budget. We recognise that the cost of your dental treatments is a key consideration, which is why we offer flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost of treatment.

Treatment options in a Smile Makeover include:

  • Teeth whitening. This treatment uses special chemicals that can penetrate the tooth and break down staining particles so they can be flushed out. Treatment typically takes place over a few weeks, with treatment trays worn at night. At the end of the treatment, you’ll return to the practice for one last treatment.

  • Composite bonding. Instead of using porcelain veneers to transform your smile, you can now achieve incredible results using a composite resin. This treatment can be completed in just one visit, making it the ideal choice when you need to get results in a hurry. A special material is applied directly to the tooth and shaped. It is then hardened with a special light, which leaves it feeling like natural tooth material. Composite bonding is highly effective for hiding chips, cracks, uneven teeth, small gaps, discolouration and thinning enamel.

  • Orthodontics. If you want to improve your teeth alignment, then orthodontics is the ideal choice. There are faster options available that will only focus on the top front teeth that are visible when you smile. Teeth straightening will also make your teeth easier to care for, which can offer lifelong oral health benefits.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover is not just great for aesthetics, but it can also help to inspire you to take excellent care of your teeth. And when you commit to regular checkups, you can safeguard your oral health for a lifetime. These are just some of the many benefits of Smile Makeover treatment with Benfleet Dental Centre.

  • Flexible treatment options allow you to make the right choice for your budget and time considerations. You’re in control when it comes to selecting which treatments are right for you.

  • Treatments can be completed in as little as one visit, which means you can achieve incredible results without the wait. The final treatment time will all depend on which options you choose. Composite bonding is the quickest treatment while orthodontics will take the longest time.

  • You have the option to spread the cost of your treatment with interest-free payments. This ensures that you can access the care that is right for you without worrying about your budget holding you back.

  • This treatment option can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns, including staining, discolouration, chips, cracks, thinning enamel, uneven edges, gaps, misaligned teeth, rotated teeth and crowding.

  • You’ll enjoy a considerable confidence boost when you’re ready to show off your new smile. Crooked or yellow teeth can make you feel like you can’t smile with confidence, so addressing these issues may help you to feel more relaxed and at ease with your appearance.

Cost of a Smile Makeover

Cost of a Smile Makeover

The final cost of your Smile Makeover treatment will all depend on the options you choose. During your initial consultation, we can explore the treatment options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

As a general guide, orthodontics will be the most expensive treatment option. A full case of Invisalign starts at £4,800, while ceramic braces start at £1,700 per arch. Teeth whitening starts at £150 per arch. Composite bonding will all depend on how many teeth need to be bonded.

We can help you manage the cost of a Smile Makeover by offering interest-free payment plans that will allow you to spread the cost of treatment. This option will enable you to spread your treatment cost over 6 or 10 months, interest-free. If you’re putting off exploring cosmetic dentistry because you are worried about the cost, it might be more affordable than you think.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We are proud to help residents of Rayleigh, Benfleet and the surrounding areas to achieve their dream smiles. Smile Makeovers in Rayleigh are growing in popularity thanks to an increase in awareness of these non-invasive treatment options and the option to spread the cost of treatment.

We are a team of experienced and professional cosmetic dentists offering a wide range of treatment options. Every step of the way, we want to make sure you feel empowered to make the right choices.

Every Smile Makeover starts with a consultation in our Benfleet dental practice, which is just a short 10-minute drive from Rayleigh. Our practice is conveniently located for residents of Rayleigh and the surrounding areas. We offer convenient appointments at times that suit your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

During your consultation, we will get to know more about your concerns and what you would like to address with cosmetic dentistry. Then we can formulate a treatment plan that fits your goals and your budget.

About Rayleigh

About Rayleigh

Rayleigh is a beautiful and historic town located just 32 miles east of central London. It is nestled between Chelmsford and Southend-on-Sea, offering easy access to the countryside, the capital and the coast. The centre of the town is well known for its 200-year-old windmill which is a popular choice for couples tying the knot.

The town offers a thriving shopping centre, which makes it a magnet for residents from nearby towns looking for some retail therapy. The drive from Rayleigh to Benfleet is just 10 minutes, so residents are well connected to nearby towns.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Rayleigh thanks to an abundance of parks and woodland areas. Hockley Woods provides the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle, while numerous parks dotted throughout the town provide green space for residents to enjoy.

Rayleigh has a population of over 30,000 and experienced considerable growth in the 1990s when a lot of new housing developments were built. This drew criticism from some established residents as they were concerned about the town becoming too large. This step has proven to be successful as Rayleigh is now a thriving place and an attractive place to settle down.

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