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Benefits of a Private Dental Check-Up

Private Dental Check-up Benfleet

If you’ve tried to book an NHS dentist check-up recently, you’ll know just how challenging this can be. With many dentists switching focus from NHS treatment to private treatment, there are fewer appointment times available than ever before. And the backlog of cases following the COVID-19 pandemic is making a difficult situation even more challenging.

If you’re concerned about the risks to your oral health from skipping your routine check-up, then private dentistry could offer a way to keep you on track. And there are many benefits to choosing private care over NHS check-ups.

Shorter waiting times

When you go private, you’ll have access to more appointment times, which means you’ll be seen faster. NHS dentists are in high demand at the moment, so it’s often easier to secure an appointment with a private dentist.

Many patients have been surprised to call their NHS dentist after a long time away and discovered that they are no longer registered with their practice. They are then faced with long waiting lines just to get seen for a routine check-up. With private dentistry, you can get seen quickly, so you don’t have to worry about missing checkups.

Longer appointment

With private care, you’ll have access to longer appointment times. This is due to the nature of NHS dentistry, which prioritises efficiency. With private dental care, your dentist will have longer to check your teeth and mouth for signs of problems.

You’ll also have the chance to ask questions about caring for your teeth or to explore other treatment options. Longer appointment times also allow you to build a better relationship with your dentist so they can help to support your oral health goals.

Wider range of treatments available

You’ll have access to a wider range of treatments when you choose private care. For example, if you require a filling, you’ll be able to choose between dark amalgam fillings or white composite fillings. With an NHS appointment, you’ll only be offered the dark amalgam fillings.

And with NHS care, certain things like scaling and polishing are only recommended if medically necessary. But with private care, a scale and polish is often recommended as a preventative treatment.

Cost effective

Only certain people qualify for free dental treatment, which means that you’ll need to budget to pay for treatment either way. Many people are surprised to learn just how cost-effective private dental treatment can be, particularly when you factor in options like a dental payment plan.

A monthly dental membership plan allows you to spread the cost of your check-ups and hygienist visits over the space of a year, rather than paying upfront at every visit. This means you’ll enjoy 2 check-ups and 2 hygienist visits every year, which is an excellent form of preventative care to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

And if you do require more extensive treatment, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts. You can also take advantage of things like interest-free credit payment plans to help you spread the cost of more expensive treatments.

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