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Root Canal TreatmentRoot canal treatments are carried out when an infection occurs at the tip of the root of one or more of your teeth or if you present with an episode of severe toothache. Sometimes this does not cause any symptoms but usually most people are aware of some minor aches and occasional episodes of swelling, gum boils or bad taste in your mouth.

If such infections are left untreated they are likely to develop into an abscess or cyst. As well as causing pain this can lead to the loss of bone surrounding the root. As a result the tooth may become loose.

Your experienced dentist at Benfleet Dental Centre, after examining your tooth will advise you of the diagnosis and recommend a root canal treatment or apicectomy as required. This involves getting rid of the infection by removing the nerve of the tooth and placing a root filling. Any infected tissue is thoroughly cleaned away from the tip of the root before the root filling is applied.

Usually an apicectomy or root canal treatment is carried out under a local anaesthetic. This anaesthetic will prevent you feeling any pain during the procedure.
When the local anaesthetic wears off a few hours after your treatment there will be some discomfort, your dentist may then recommend some pain killers and a course of antibiotics if necessary.

An apicectomy or root canal treatment stops continuous pain and may also save the tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

A root canal treated tooth may need a crown in future to help protect it.

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