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denturesA removable denture replaces missing teeth. Partial Dentures replace a few missing teeth and full or complete dentures are needed if all the natural teeth are missing. It is the simplest way of replacing missing teeth.

Complete dentures are best made of acrylic whilst partial dentures can also be made of wholly acrylic or part acrylic, part light metal alloy base. These types of dentures are more secure and less bulky.

It is the simplest way of replacing missing teeth. Our prices are very competitive and our highly-trained dentists will advise you on which are the best options for you as an individual. We offer a variety of different teeth which can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the denture. We work very closely with our laboratories to ensure you receive the quickest turnaround without sacrificing the quality of the denture.

Dentures do have some benefits as they can improve your looks, bite and help you eat comfortably. They are also made to match your mouth and can be made to look as natural as possible.

With dentures the remaining teeth are protected from wear and tear. Without these the remaining natural teeth may tilt or move which will prevent you from biting together correctly.

Dentures can also be fitted immediately after your teeth have been extracted so no one will know of the treatment you have had.

Although these benefits of dentures are tangible dentures will never feel like natural teeth and it could take some time before getting used to them especially when eating. Some people find it frustrating to take implants out at night when going to bed every night. Dental Implants or Implant Retained Dentures may be a better alternative to Dentures.

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