Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening can help to improve both your appearance and your confidence

Not all teeth straightening treatments are suitable for every patient and this is why at Benfleet Dental Centre we are pleased to be able to offer both Invisalign and Fixed braces.

Prior to treatment you will need to attend for an assessment with one of our highly experienced dentists and they will be able to discuss what you hope to achieve from the treatment and advise on the best treatment plan to meet your needs.

Remember, every smile is unique so what works for one patient may not work for you.


Teeth straightening improves your appearance – people confident in their smiles are confident in their lives and achieve more professionally and are more likely to pursue their goals

Teeth straightening helps to improve teeth function – this means that it is easier to speak and eat

Teeth straightening improves your oral health – straighter teeth will enable you to perform a full and thorough oral hygiene routine, improving your dental health for the future.


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