Back to basics: brushing your teeth properly

teeth, health, smile,dentistAn effective tooth-brushing technique is the foundation of a healthy dental care routine.

Key takeaways:

- Use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth.

- Take 2 minutes total to brush, ensuring every part of the tooth is cleaned.

- Don’t brush too hard or you could damage your enamel.

- Remember to brush your tongue, floss regularly and use interdental brushes.

- Your dentist will be happy to demonstrate the most effective brushing technique and answer any questions you may have.

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How gum disease can kill

teeth, health smile dentistResearch indicates that people with gum disease have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Pregnancy complications are also more likely if you have gum disease.

Key takeaways:

- Inflammation, a primary symptom of gum disease (periodontitis), is a cause linked with these chronic diseases.

- To prevent gum disease, properly clean your teeth, eat teeth-healthy foods and seek treatment for your infected teeth.

-  Use a germ-free toothbrush, remember to clean your tongue, use a water irrigator to flush gums and cut sugary foods, smoking and alcohol.

Visit the dentist immediately you notice any periodontitis symptom – like bleeding gums..

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The Tentative Link Between Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease

teeth, health, smile, dentistPeriodontal disease impacts millions of individuals and requires the help of a dentist. However, research has shown that this condition impacts far more than the teeth and gums.

Those who have gum disease for longer than a decade are up to 70 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s in the future. What other illnesses are linked to this condition?

- The risk of developing certain types of cancer will rise.

- There can be complications with a pregnancy.

- The chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis also increase.

“Most Americans have some form of gum disease, statistics show.”

Are stem cells the next dental breakthrough?

teeth health smile dentistDental implants, bridges, and dentures are today’s solutions for missing teeth. They are excellent solutions – but scientists are studying stem cells in order to grow teeth. This may provide another option for patients.
Key takeaways:
- Stem cells can be harvested from teeth (wisdom or baby teeth) and carefully preserved for future use
- Stem cells can become any kind of cell, and could be used to repair tooth decay or even replace entire teeth
- Stem cells may prove to be a better option for many patients, including those who fear dental surgery
Teeth have already been ‘grown’ from stem cell experiments in laboratory animals. Future studies will investigate the use of stem cells growing new teeth in humans.
“In tooth decay, stem cells may be able to heal a cavity before a tooth requires root canal therapy.”

5 benefits of CFast teeth straightening

5 benefits of CFast teeth straightening

CFast is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can correct a wide range of teeth straightening issues. CFast is aimed only at adults and is carried out purely for aesthetic reasons. The alternative to CFast would be crowns or veneers which usually involve the enamel of otherwise healthy teeth being drilled down and as such can be quite destructive. CFast treatment works in similar way to using clear aligners, but provides more predictable tooth movement, twice as quickly.

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Benefits of joining Benfleet Dental Centre Membership Plan

Benefits of joining Benfleet Dental Centre Membership Plan

Here at Benfleet Dental Centre we want to ensure that we are able to make budgeting for your dental treatment as easy as possible. This is why our membership plans are designed to give you great value at an affordable price. With cover starting from as little as £12.45 a month you can have the peace of mind of knowing your preventative dental treatment is taken care of.

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How to prepare your smile for a special event

is that time of year again, the diary is filling up and more and more weekends seem to be busy with special events. Here at Benfleet Dental Centre we know that having a smile you can be proud of can help make events easier. There will no longer be a need to hide when someone has the camera out and you can be confident that your smile is always looking its best.

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