Please find below an approximate dental fees guide for treatments at Benfleet Dental Centre, Essex.

Our dental fees are competitively set and offer great value for money to our patients. The dental fees below are for guidance only and before any treatment starts you will be provided with a detailed treatment plan and cost based on your individual needs.

You could also take up our interest free payment option for certain treatments. To help you save money on your routine dental care we have now offer Denplan that is a very affordable with dental accident and emergency insurance included in it at no extra cost.

Private Fee Guide

Treatment Description


Emergency Appointment From £50-00
Initial consultation £33-00
Examination (routine check) £33-00
X-Rays (small) £5.00
OPG £30-00
Scale and Polish £41-00
Hygienist (20 minutes) £41-00
Airflow £70-00
PerioChip £40-00 per chip
Helbo £150-00 per Arch

Restorations (Fillings)

Silver Amalgam From £85
Tooth coloured From £95


Per tooth From £85-00
Surgical £160-00

Root Canal Treatment

Incisor £150-00
Premolar £290-00
Molar £390-00

Complex Root Canal 1st Attempt

Incisor £250-00
Premolar £350-00
Molar £480-00

Re Root Canal Treatment

Incisor £390-00
Premolar £490-00
Molar £590-00


Veneer £550-00
Bonded Porcelain Crown £450-00
“Emax” porcelain crown (recommended for superior aesthetics) £520-00
Post: gold or fibre reinforced composite £160-00
Re-cement crown (simple) £30-00
Implant retained £1000.00


Adhesive: laboratory fabricated £520-00
or fibre reinforced composite £380.00
Conventional: Precious metal bonded to porcelain 2 units £850-00
Additional unit (supporting or replacement tooth) £425.00
Implant pontic £600.00


Full upper and lower £1000-00
Full upper or lower £500-00
Partial denture (Depending on number of teeth replaced) approx £500-00
Chrome (metal frame) denture £1000-00
Flexible (“Valplast” or similar) £750.00
Reline £120-00
Addition (per tooth) £120-00
Repair (simple) From £120
Anti Snoring Device From £400


Consultation £30-00
Metal Brackets From £1250-00 per Arch
Ceramic From £1600-00 per Arch
Invisalign £4500 Full case
Invisalign Vivera Retainers £600 set
Retainers (fixed or removable) £250-00 per Arch


Consultation £30-00
Implant From £2000-00
Bone Graft £250-00


Plain mouth guard £150-00
Whitening per arch (upper or lower) £150-00
Upper and lower £299-00
Failure to attend appointment (without notice or at short notice) per hour £60.00
Hygienist failed to attend £10.00

Oral Hygiene Price List

Chlorhexidine £3.90
Colgate Chlorhexidine Tape £3.10
Corsodyl Gel £3.60
Corsodyl Daily Defence £5.70
Disclosing Tablets £2.50
Duraphat 2800 Toothpaste £6.90
Duraphat 5000 Toothpaste £8.20
Fluorigard Mouthwash £4.10
Floss picks £4.90
Interspace Brushes £2.10
Whitening Syringe £25.00
Whitening x 4 Syringe (Bulk Buy) £70.00
Peroxyl £5.50
Oral B Electric Toothbrush £39.00
Oral B Replacement Heads £9.00
Oral B Satin Tape £3.70
Oral B Super Floss £4.70
TePe Brushes £3.90
Interdental Brush Angle £3.90
Tooth Mousse £15.00
Manual Toothbrush £3.00
Colgate Electric Toothbrush £25.00
Retainer Brite £7.50
Easy Picks £3.90

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