All on 4

All-on-4 replaces all your missing teeth on just four dental implants

In 1998 Dr Paulo Malo successfully treated the first patient with the All-on-4 treatment concept. Since then hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with using this concept.

The All-on-4 treatment process can be planned intricately such that you walk out with temporary fixed dentures, made from a resin, on the day of your treatment.  These will be replaced with a final porcelain set of dentures 6-9 months later once your gums have had a chance to heal.


All-on-4 drastically reduces treatment time – All-on-4 can give you a full set of teeth in one day, unlike traditional dental implants that can take 3-6 months.

All-on-4 is suitable for patients with jaw bone loss – due to the positioning of the dental implants it is possible to avoid the need for bone grafts that would be necessary with other dental implant treatments.

All-on-4 is cost effective – All-on-4 is cheaper than traditional techniques that may require as many as 8-10 dental implants to replace all missing teeth


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