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Dental Sedation – All your questions answered

If you find coming to the dentist frightening and stressful, here at Benfleet Dental Centre we are able to help make treatment a more relaxing experience using dental sedation.

In this blog we look to answer all your dental sedation questions to make sure you have all the information you need.

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation is used to help nervous patients relax while undergoing dental treatment. The solution of either midazolam or diazepam is administered by the dentist, through an injection given in the arm or back of your arm.

What happens before treatment?

Prior to any treatment you will attend for a consultation appointment with the dentist. They will take a full medical history to ensure that you are suitable for the sedation procedure. It is important that you tell the dentist any medications that you are taking and any health problems you may have to ensure that they can treat you safely and effectively.

What happens during treatment?

During treatment the dentist and their team will monitor you closely and all your vital statistics will be continuously recorded. You will not become unconscious; you will still be able to cooperate with the dentist but you will feel drowsy and will not be aware of the treatment going on. One of the common side effects of dental sedation is amnesia, so you may feel treatment only lasted a matter of minutes and will remember little of what has gone on, no matter how long you are in the dental chair.

Dental sedation does not provide you with a painkiller so you will still need a local anaesthetic in the area to be treated but this won’t be done until the sedation has taken affect, so you will not be aware of it.

What happens following treatment?

It will take some time for the medication to leave your system. During this time, you will be monitored in the surgery. You will normally be allowed to go home within an hour of treatment, but you will need someone to be with you. You will not be able to drive or return to work for the rest of the day following treatment.

Top tips to reduce anxiety about visiting the dentist

The team at Benfleet Dental Centre all have many years’ experience treating nervous patients so will be sure to do anything they possibly can to ensure that your visit is as calm as possible.

Here are some of their top tips to reduce anxiety:

  • Pick an appointment time early in the morning so you have less time to dwell on it.

  • The first appointment will simply be a check-up so don't worry that you'll be launched into having a filling, the drill or a needle. See this first visit as your chance to get to know the dentist.

  • Bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment. The dentist won't mind if they accompany you throughout the check-up or treatment.

  • Agree a sign with the dentist to signal that you need a break and want them to stop. It can be as simple as pointing your finger, and will help you feel more in control.

  • If you think it will help, start gradually with a clean and polish then work up to more extensive treatment once you've built up trust and rapport with your dentist.

If you are a nervous patient looking for a dentist, call Benfleet Dental Centre on 01702 557766 and book an appointment to discuss sedation today.

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